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The ERPA network was founded in 1997 to provide a common access point for online working papers produced by its participating institutions, in order to help researchers in the field of European Integration studies searching through the growing number of working papers now available in the internet. The participating series editors achieve this high level of scholarship by different means: while the Max Planck Institute and the Harvard Jean Monnet Chair practise high-level internal refereeing, the Robert Schuman Centre and the EIoP have a double-blind review process with two referees per paper. All further participating series subscribe to a similar high-quality policy. The ERPA database includes all abstracts and papers of the participating series which are available online. Other papers cannot be searched via ERPA but have to be accessed through the participating institutes' homepages or ordered directly. Launched in late 1998, the site provides access to almost 1,000 papers, along with metainfo, abstracts and links pointing to other Institutions and resources, under a very basic design that could easily benefit from some refinement.

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