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The Intute:SocialScience, provided by the Resource Discovery Network by merging two of its databases (SOSIG and Atlis), is both a catalogue and a search engine covering Internet resources in the field of the social sciences education & research, with some extensions in business and law, sport and tourism. The overall catalogue covers about 30,000 resources selected with scholarly knowledge and its database (Harvester) contains over 350,000 pages from selected social science websites worldwide. Each section is edited by a scholar or an expert and is frequently updated. Users can read the description of each available resource and access it directly. While Intute is a free and open gateway, the full material retrieval depends on each resource’s access policy. The website also includes several additional services: a well-updated blog, timelines of important events, a news aggregation tool, free support materials, info on career opportunities, academic meetings and workshops. This gateway also enables users to customize theirs service, to suggest new resources and to receive field-related updates. Its simple and effective design allows for a successful navigation. Also useful is the Virtual Training Suite, including a series of ad hoc tutorials and other tools to improve users’ skill in Web research. Other available tools include advanced search thesaurus and help pages.

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