Pipers Woerterbuch zur Politik

Authors: Nohlen
Summary: In about 200 words the entry stresses the different possible translations in German of the English word choice and then focuses on Apter's contribution and briefly on the choice theories.
If the term choice can mean in different contexts openess, election, selection, option, etc..., the meaning that Apter uses for it, in his developmental approach, is "the range of role options in a system at any given time". He divides the choice dilemma in three components (normative, structural and behavioural) and argues that political development corresponds to a widening of option possibilities for a society in a political system, the reduction of choices avalaible for actors and institutions being a precondition for a possible crisis.
After him, choice alternatives matter continued to be debated in political science with an attention also to power choice.
Finally the entry briefly mentions the choice theories, expecially the rational choice model, which have their central focus on the individual interest-based behaviour leading to maximizing actors' profit choices.