Dictionnaire Constitutionnel

Authors: Duhamel & Mény
Summary: This 2124 entry starts with the definition of the concept: representation is a system created to have a fair representation of the citizen in the parliamentary assemblies. This idea is based on the principle: one man, one vote, one value. The author divides in three main parts the entry. The whole argument is based on the concept of proportional representation. In the first part, there is a historical overview. The origins of the concept go back to the first discourse in favour of the proportional representation of Mirabeau (1789); after that, there is a description of the several phases until the proportional representation has been adopted or at least advocated by groups and association in the whole Europe. In the second part, the author illustrates the several ways in which one can allocate the seats with surplus votes. And in the last part, the author underlines the strong relation between proportional representation and multiparty systems, quoting the Duverger's law which provides that.